What is craft and How to do craft

What is craft and how to do craft, today we are come to on this Blog. So Craft is a fun activities for kids and creative man of craft.  I mean that if we are talk from the point of kids. Then craft is a fun and entertainment activity for play kids. Evenly they are happy to do some activities. Like tear ans paste, paper folding. Similarly if we are talk about younger child and upper than paly kids. They skills of making creative things, is soo good. It is a talent we have give and learn it by yourself. You can create new things from use of waste materials.

Seem like this you are learn and make handcrafted objects. Like educational craft, fashionable craft, functional craft.

 “Who is craft person “? How to do craft…?

A craft person has made by after doing degree course or other certificate courses.  Other one we are called whose person. Who are know the knowledge of craft and to give intrest to do these types of art.

“What materials we need to make” what types of craft?

After know about the craft , we are discussed. what materials we are need to make it craft for what types of craft.

  1. Make bottle craft :- we need to make bottle craft all most wasted material. Like use of coldrink bottle, Fevicol , colour full paper, others waste stone, mirror, flower material,

  1. Cardboard craft:-  This craft is made only upper play kids, mostly we are use cardboard to make strong and educational or decorative craft. Like mode of science, photo collage, etc
  2. Fabric craft :- some times this craft is only want to know about the stitching and do course of desing. We use fabric and create new more dress, and decorative craft like pillow cover, curtain,
  3. Curling craft:-  I know craft person are attached to more. They are make many curlingcard for friends, family, or any occasion.


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