line art class #day 2

Hello everyone, how are you all, I hope you all are well & enjoy my art classes. Today's lear in benoorfashion art class is line art. So Today is the second day of art classes. Now I am going to learn how to draw a line in different shapes. Day 2 of line art class "Today" what to do in the 2 day of art class..........Hey kids, whatsup a mosty welcome to all of you in my art blog. Nowtoday we all are learn many types of line shapes.Besides, before I will start 2 lesson of 2 day of class . We are revised the 1 lesson of first day of art class. Only few minutes you can practice of lesson 1.......... Materials we need to all things of this........... HB pencilEraser sharpener scale Lession-2 (lines art) so, kids i will start from the straight line. How to draw a st...

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