Blood donation poster Drawing

Blood donation poster making Drawing for kids and  adults. So guys today drawing is not specially for kids. this drawing poster for both kids and adult. My dear you can easily make. I hope this post is so much helpful to you. I try to my best to understand this poster making drawing. Today topic is the blood donation. we all know that guys blood is a very important for our body. like we are not  live without drink a water. Similarly our body do not work without blood. so sometime we needed blood in many situation. In case of disease accident lack of blood in body in operation time …… Then on this time we need a donor to donate blood. Because we are save a life. so please if you able to donate blood then do it. sometime we are are save one person life from donate blood. But you don’t know more person or  life is join to us.  like his family friends, love etc.

Now we are going to draw the poster

How to draw the poster and what we need?

First we need some material like poster paper, pencil , eraser, watercolor and as your choice and you have it. Water colour is not this compulsory.

Second we are start to draw the blood donation poster step by step. so please understand carefully and I will share images to you. Because you can see these image is very helpful to draw.

Third step I will tell you we are draw 2 heart. one is full of blood and 2 is fill half of blood. Remember that heart are opposite to each other. 

Fourth step we are draw the drop of blood is fall into the 2 heart to fill it . Like on this image. This drawing is represent the sharing and helping sense of humanity.


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