art lessons of #day 3

hello everyone, how are you all! I hope you all are well at your home. Today welcome to my next blog post of art lessons 3 into the art classes. Nowtoday is the #day 3 and we will learn the shapes of art. So kids before starting the class, i will revised the lesson 1&2 for only do little piece of practice. Lesson 1 of #day 1 So kids we all are know that in the first class you will learn art class for kids. Like how to draw sleeping, slanting or crossing line. Lessons 2 of #day 2 And the second day of art class we will learn the line art class. In this class you will learn about the shapes of line...... Like..... Standing, zigzag, & waves line art. "Nowtoday" learn lessons 3 please children open the page 3 of your art book. art lessons 3 for kids "How to draw s...

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