How to draw rat Drawing for kids

Kids I hope you are waiting of my next post of Drawing. So now today we are come back with rat drawing step by step we are learn. How to draw rat Drawing for kids activities.  We all are know that before making expert we are learn easy drawing.

like doodling after learn simple and easy drawing. then you make a difficult drawing. but today this drawing we are make only for kids in very easy step. so kids you can easily draw this drawing in few minutes. so now I am going to to learn all steps to you. how to draw and what we need to draw this drawing? what technique are used in this drawing? then you can easily draw in beautifully style.

How to draw rat Drawing for kids.

Rat is a cute drawing for kids. because you all are know that the famous cartoon character is Tom and Jerry. and kids are most loved to watching this show beside Jerry is a rat. so now we are draw Jerry uff rat drawing are drawn today on this post.

First we are draw the sign of of greater than for making the face and nose of rat drawing. Second we are draw ear of rat on the top of the face. You can see this image and try to understand to draw this drawing.

This is the final step you can see on this image almost we have complete our drawing. Last step we are draw the stomatch and tail of rat. After draw this your drawing is completely now as your choice you can fill the colour on this drawing. Make so more beautiful this drawing after you fill the colour. I know kids are enjoy with colours. Think and draw it in a easy way.

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