How to draw leaves and design by doodling art

How to draw leaves and Design by doodling art.  First of all I will tell you leave is a part of  a plant . Every beautiful leaves is behind the beautiful flowers. Leave are make the food of plant. Every leaves shape and size is different to each other. Similarly the colour of leaves is many types and beautiful .  Some leaves is used making food and take as in medicines. I hope you know that some leaves are known as ayurvedic leaves. So now today we and learn drawing of leaves. We are guide in every easy way. Then you can easily make dooling leaves.

How to draw leaves and Design by doodling art.

Hey guys I know today we are learn how to draw leaves but first thing I will clear that to you in this drawing we are draw in dawdling style of leaf. Pattern of this drawing we are follow doodling drawing.

First of all we are draw a simple shape of leaf in broad shape

After draw the shape of leaf we are given cut shape of leaf like on this image. You can see and understand carefully I will share first image for you can see the shape of leaf what types you want to draw.


This is the the second part of our doodling drawing. In this step we are make Heena design in this leaf.  If you know that mehndi design so you then you can easily draw this design. But if you don’t know so don’t let go of this design. See carefully and understand the design and look again and again you  make till the design.

Finally I have complete my lyf doodling design. after complete this drawing you can try in your style and make your own leaf doodling design.  share with me your design and happiness with this drawing.

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