How to draw king of fruits – Mango

Mango drawing we are learn step by step. Hey guys How to draw king of fruits – Mango. we all are  known that mango is  a national fruits. which colour of Mango is yellow I hope you know that mango are are two types and two types of colour first colour of Mango is green we called kacche aam. Second colour of Mango is yellow we called pakka aam. The kaccha aam is is used to make pickle of mango and make many different dishes. Similarly pakka aam we use for different things of food and shake like mango shake smoothie of mango ect.

So today we are grow the yellow Mango fruit drawing you know before this post be our draw red apple of fruit drawing I hope you all are understand that drawing.

How to draw king of fruits – Mango

We are going to draw a drawing of mango first step I will do make the shape of mango. the shape of mango we are try with the help of the letter S. I hope you can see on this image try to understand how to draw alphabet of S.



After draw the first step now we are going to draw final sketch of drawing. You can see on this image and try to understand the final drawing is how to look. On this image after draw the drawing look like this.

Similarly after complete the draw. We have fill the colour on this drawing. So now I am going to take it yellow crayon colour and start to fill on this drawing.

Now is the third step we are fill green colour on the leaf of mango. Kids do you know the leaf of mango tree e is is green and long flat shape. Continue do the drawing different different type and enjoy with colours.

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