How to draw F for Fox Drawing

Now today learn how to draw F for Fox Drawing. Fox drawing is a very simple we are follow all step by step.

This precious drawing was drawn with a pencil, black marker, colouring. I know Fox drawing a make in a many different style and shape. But if you are make in this style and method of Fox drawing. I hope it is a good for your learning pattern. Similarly this technique of drawing is a good choice for your play kids. Because we all know that in the play kids can not draw in proper way pencil. So so so we are understand kids way of learning method then this drawing are made for kids.

Seem like this drawing is is learning pattern and knowledge like Fox is a wild animal. We all are know kids are learn make fast from the colouring. Many things you can learn your kids from the use of colouring many pet and wild animal you can grow and learn the name for your kid.

How to draw F for Fox Drawing.

First of all we are start to draw from head of Fox. continue drawing we are draw from head to nose of Fox. You can see on this image is almost we all are draw. Kids draw very neat and fair Drawing step by step. Last step you can see we are draw tail of Fox. So I have one half part complete now we are going to draw my next step and part

So now we are come in my next step in next part of drawing. In this step we are draw the eyes of Fox and give the shape.

After give the all shapes now we are fill the colour in this image. I hope you know that Fox call clever animal. So after draw the drawing look like a clever fox.

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