How to draw Doodling peacock Drawing

How to draw doodling peacock drawing. Now today we are going to draw doodling peacock drawing. peacock is the today topic of drawing. We all know that peacock is done national bird of India. I know that peacock have beautiful and so much colourful feather. Peacock is my favourite bird and i like to much it. You know the colour of peacock neck is is common blue to and shade of green is so beautiful and shiny Bird. I hope you see in this Bird it have a crown on the the head of peacock. The other name We are called peafowl of this bird

How to draw peacock doodling Drawing.

First of all we are need some material like marker bold and thin nib black or blue.
We are start from the the black half circle it is filled from the the black Bold nib marker.

Second similarly we are draw outline on the black circle with the help of thin nib marker. Similarly this pattern is continue and making design in half pattern on the paper.

3rd step we are draw petals of leaves shape with the help of black and blue Marker pen. Like on this image…
After draw the the leaves pattern we are continue the first pattern of half circle.

Fourth step we are make small – small flower in the cloudy pattern .

Fifth we are draw the peacock neck,and feather. my dear friends we all are draw only the use of marker. you are make so attractive and beautifully drawing. so as your choice you can colour and make unique drawing.

Sixth is the last and final step. I will going to draw in this we are make feather of peacock. guys we all know that the feather of peacock in a different shape. I will just do doodling to draw the feather look like a peacock. if we are fill colour on this drawing

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