How to draw donut drawing for kids

How to draw donut drawing. we are write this blog for kids only. we all are know that taste of donut is like a cake. Mostly kids are love to eat this. so specially only for kids we are going to learn step by step. I hope you are see and read all my blogs before this post.

I will start from the beginning of the art. Many times I want to draw many things. But we are not try and only think on mine and close on your mind.

About of the Donuts 

It is popular in many countries and make in more different  tastes. This is as a snacks you can make easily at home. Kid’s are very happy to eat sweet ring

How to draw donut drawing

first phone we all are need some material to draw this drawing like pencil eraser marker white paper and crayon colours there is a a necessity  drawing  classes.

After you can collect all this material now we are start to draw this drawing. I hope you all are very excited to draw this drawing and enjoy with me.

Secondly we are draw a big circle of ring to make the shape of donut. similarly we are draw a small circle under the big circle ring. Evenly we are no need to draw a circle any tool. like compass other round object.




Third step is the last step we are going to do. On this step we are fill the colour after draw the final drawing. You can see this image very carefully and understand it. After draw and colour this drawing you can say. so sweet and tasty doughnut you are draw on paper. You can easily draw this in roughly draw doodling. Keep grow and do practice on white paper use of black marker.

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