How to draw Bird of Duck – step by step

We all are known that kids are learn D for dukh. But today we are learn How to draw Bird of Duck from no. Of 2 .  This drawing you can draw very easily. Hey kid’s you i have an idea you can draw a Drawing in your drawing class. My dear kid’s mom specially for your. I know some time  your are disappointed to your kids so so you can learn to your kids this drawing and enjoy with us. I know due to coronavirus, kids study from home. so this time you can learn to your kids soo creative things and drawing.

Now we are going to make list of materia

Pencil, eraser, SketchBook, colour, black sketch for draw the outline of Drawing .

How to draw Bird of Duck  drawing

So let’s now we are going to draw duck drawing friends and my dear kids first you will draw the shape of 2. Yes you are bro the number of counting is come after one is two.



After draw the two shape. we are draw the Duck Drawing n step by step. You can see on this image. Kids many birds you can draw easily. This drawing special for kids. I know that kids are don’t know Drawing tricks. So now we are going to learn to you a secret tricks of Drawing.

Finally i have completed our duck drawing.  Last you can fill the colour in this drawing. We are used pencil colour as your choice you can use crayon colour. Similarly  we are take green colour neck of duck.

At the end i will tell you that to you kids . You can Try more and more thing. Similarly it’s good for you and your Drawing. Because if you want to learn anything you must give time and practice. After practice you are are make good drawing in easy way.

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