How to draw – A for Apple drawing

How to draw – A for apple drawing. Apple is an fruit which colour of fruit is red. the taste of Apple is very sweet and tasty fruit. so kids today we are learn drawing of Apple. so first we are need some material to draw this drawing step by step.

Like pencil, colour, eraser, SketchBook marker ect.

First thing we are remember that. this is drawing  only for beginners.  if you are want to make good artist. so kids we are start from draw small small things and creators. like fruits, flower, vegetable. because we make these drawing with help of shape . so similarly we are learn slowly slowly many things then you can start to draw different drawing. like sketching designing poster making etc.

How to draw – A for apple drawing

kids look at this image you know this is the first step and first image of this post. so dear we are draw a circle. after draw the circle. we are give the shape of this image like heart.


you can see this image finally our drawing is complete. in this step we are draw the leaf fruits of Apple. similarly after complete the drawing of Apple. we are fill the colour of in this drawing.

So now we are start from the red colour of Apple. it colour is fill in the fruit red apple. seem like we are fill green colour in the part of leaf. before fill the colour green in the leave. one thing is remember that the stream of fruits is brown colour.  So you can see this image a beautiful drawing we have complete.


Soo now after draw this Drawing, cannot stop to draw drawing different style.  after this drawing you can try another fruit like mango, grapes, watermelon pomegranate etc. Do good work and draw uniqe art.

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