How to draw a cup of tea

Good morning kids today we are going to learn how to draw cup of tea.  we are start our day with a one cup of tea. This blog is specially for the who is the lover of tea. Somebody  like juice, somebody drink to like cold coffee in morning. but some people are like to drink tea with a beautiful good morning. so today we are learn the importance of tea with beautiful Doodle drawing for specially beginner kids. We all know that milk are very important part of kids meal. Not only kids Meal I thought we all are need. Similarly t is a important part of mail for only young one or old person. Many types of tea you can make .

How to draw a cup of tea ….. Hot shot in the morning

First of all we are draw the the plate of cup. second we are draw the shape of cup on the plate. You can see on this image how to draw doddle drawing cup. Besides on this step we are decide the shape of cup. Because Cup are designed many types in circles style, pot style, mug style….. This cup we are draw give simple shape and texture of colour.

Part 2 now we are going colouring on this part. This is step is the final step of this drawing. You can see on this image. this is the final image of our drawing. you can draw and colour like on this image. I try to make a cutest little cup for kids drawing. Colouring in the drawing is the very enjoyable part for kids. Kids do fun with colours and enjoy with them. So now dear mom , teacher, it’s your turn to create this drawing with their kids. and make your kid a smart artist doodling art.

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