Beautiful girl wear designer lehenga

Today I am very happy to share this design in this blog. Now we are learn to draw a beautiful girl wear designer lehenga. Guys yes I am so very happy because this lehenga is designed by me. And after design this lehenga is looks so pretty and awesome design.  First of all I will tell you we are design lehenga before this post. That is the the seventh post of my blog on that blog we are design kalidar lehenga. Similarly in this post we are design kalidar lehenga. But this lehenga is wear a beautiful bride girl with beautiful hairstyle.

So so we are going to draw this lehenga and beautiful girl. Sukhi pure material to draw this pencil eraser SketchBook and marker with crayon colours.

How to draw beautiful girl with designer lehenga

First of all we are draw the the bottom of lehenga in cloudy way line. This line is help to draw the width of lehenga. Similarly this line is helpful to draw the Khali of the lehenga

Second step we are draw the the top part of lehenga. After draw the top part of lehenga we are start the drawing of belly e of girl. Draw the choli  of this lehenga with the faces structure of girl.

Third step we draw the design of lehenga . we are make the border of lehenga with black markers and small small black and white flower on the border of lehenga.

Fifth step is is 2 after the complete third step. we are you read crayon colour to make the design and fill the colour on the lehenga.

So finally you can continue this drawing till they have you do complete. if you have any doubt so I will share a few photo related to this drawing. it is help then you can  easily draw. After draw this please comment and share your beautiful experience with beautiful girl for designer lehenga


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