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motu patlu ki jodi

motu patlu ki jodi drawing

Hello everyone one’ who are you all! l hope you all are well at your home. Today’s I will learn motu patlu ki jodi drawing in this art class for kids. So kid’s we all are know that today is a day 5 of art classes. Now Today I am going to lern how to draw motu patlu sketch step by step. But Firstly i will receive all the art classes from day 1 to day 4. Because some kids are new in MY BOLG ART CLASSES. So if we have recall the all art classes then help you. when you are draw motu patlu .

kids we are learn basic ! before draw motu patlu ki jodi drawing………

cartoon drawing kids art

Day 1 :- We are learn the basics of art like how to draw silai anticline sleeping line and crossing line . The way of learning of this lines draw like we are draw a shades.

Day 2 :- On the second day of art class we are learn how to make many types of lines. Like standing line, zigzag line, wave line with an example ………

Day 3 :- Similarly We are learn in the 3 day of art class is how to draw shapes step by step. Like triangle, circle, square, rectangula with an example…..

Day 4 :- And the last but not least you are learn how draw cartoon drawing with help someone easy steps. I hope you are practice of all the 4 lesson of arts.

Day 5 of art classes ……..

How to draw motu patlu ki jodi part -1……….

#Motu sketching

so firstly I will draw an small roughly Oval shape for face. And a big circle draw for body shapes……

In the second step you can draw a rough line to give a shape of hands or leg.

Similarly in the 3 step we will draw eyes and nose with face of motu fairly.

art lessons of #day 3

Step 4 you are will be draw clothes of motu like on this image…… kid’s look at carefully……

cartoon drawing kids art
cartoon drawing kids art

Finally 5 or 6 step is very important in this step we are give a shape of fairly hand’s , leg or all face parts. (opens in a new tab)

So my dear kid’s i have done half of the lesson of today. We have completed motu you can take black sketch and outline the sketch of motu .

How to draw motu patlu ki jodi part – 2………

#Patlu sketching

Step 1 in the part 2, the 5 lesson of art classes. I will draw three shapes oval, rectangular and circle. Like on this image…