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art lessons of #day 3

hello everyone, how are you all! I hope you all are well at your home. Today welcome to my next blog post of art lessons 3 into the art classes. Nowtoday is the #day 3 and we will learn the shapes of art. So kids before starting the class, i will revised the lesson 1&2 for only do little piece of practice.

Lesson 1 of #day 1

So kids we all are know that in the first class you will learn art class for kids. Like how to draw sleeping, slanting or crossing line.

Lessons 2 of #day 2

And the second day of art class we will learn the line art class. In this class you will learn about the shapes of line…… Like….. Standing, zigzag, & waves line art.

“Nowtoday” learn lessons 3 please children open the page 3 of your art book.

art lessons 3 for kids

“How to draw shapes”

Besides We are discussed in the first blog what materials you will need in this art class……… Similarly today same material we are need……… I will start………

  1. Shape of triangle

Firstly kid’s you can draw a slanting line.

Secondly you will draw one more slanting line but this line is touch the another point of line…..

And Thirdly I will draw a sleeping line .but remember that both slanting line is touch from the last point of line. Like on this image…………….

line art class #day 2
Sketching of Dresses

2. Shape of circle

Hey kids today is interesting part of this class we are learn how to make circle. We all are know, circle is a very easy art . You can easily draw with the help of compass or we can use any round thing….. Like bowl

line art class #day 2
line art class #day

3 square shape and rectangular shape

My dear child you know that! when we are draw thr square so so remember that all 4sides are equally. Similarly in the rectangular only 2sides are equal and another 2sides qre equal. Like on this image…….
line art class #day 2
line art class #day 2

4. Oval shape

Finally i will learn the last shape of this art shapes class is oval. Kids this shape is always draw by freehand but there is not a round shape. We will draw like on this image…….

#conclusion of art lessons 3 of shapes art classes……….

I hope you are understand this tutorial of how to draw shapes. Hopefully this blog post was helpful to you all my dear child. Please let me know if you have any questions and what would you like to learn in my next post.

If you give have any suggestions please comment on blow . And last think is that if you prectices more. Then you will be drawn a perfect shapes. Not only shapes a perfect art is drawn, when you are drawn Very nice and perfection in your art skills….. So do practice & take care or lot’s of love….. Wait for my next post coming soon………