Monday, July 13
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line art

line art class #day 2

How to drawn wave line &, How to easily make this…..

Third types of line is used wave Method for Drawing. Remember that when Draw a wave line similarly move your hand like up and down. But you remember that on this line we don’t make triangle. You can try to make and move you hand. Like on this image………
kids room wall art

#conclusion of 2 day of art class for kids……………

So finally the second day of class is complete. I hope you all are understand the my benoorfashion art class for kids. We all are know that today’s is 2 day and i think you can enjoy in the art class.

Therefore I want to talk about, where is use of this line’s and what to draw with the help of this lines….

Yesterday, i will learn about the sleeping, slanting and crossing line as your call the shades. So i will share a image related to the first lesson ………

I hope you are doing well practice at your home. So can you try, in this art all shades or line is used to make this. Really if you try then you know about your own mistakes or how much you are learn……..

And , today i will learn zigzag, straight or wave line. So now you can make a easy art and remember that all line are used on the art…………..

Hope this tutorial was helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions and what would you like to learn is my next post and check out my all blog post.