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line art

line art class #day 2

Hello everyone, how are you all, I hope you all are well & enjoy my art classes. Today’s lear in benoorfashion art class is line art. So Today is the second day of art classes. Now I am going to learn how to draw a line in different shapes.

Day 2 of line art class

“Today” what to do in the 2 day of art class……….

Hey kids, whatsup a mosty welcome to all of you in my art blog. Nowtoday we all are learn many types of line shapes.

Besides, before I will start 2 lesson of 2 day of class . We are revised the 1 lesson of first day of art class. Only few minutes you can practice of lesson 1……….

Materials we need to all things of this………..

  • HB pencil
  • Eraser
  • sharpener
  • scale

Lession-2 (lines art)

so, kids i will start from the straight line. How to draw a straight lines?

Firstly my dear child you will take out your pencil or art book. Open the second page of art book and take it scale. And start draw a straight line like on this image……

kids room wall art

How to draw zigzag line……….

We all are know that ,if you are expect in the drawing. Then you can easily draw this types of line from se of freehand. But my dear kid’s we all are beginner, so nowtoday we will learn 2types of shape line .

secondly , when we are Start to drawn a zigzag line. So tje move of your hands from starting point is up & down………………up……. &….. down similarly Draw at the last point of line… like on this image……..

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