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art for kids

art class for kids #day 1

Hello everyone how are you all, I hope you all are well at your home. Today most welcome to my blog art class for especially kids. Now today’s i am going to learn how to drawn & how to colour it in the drawing day by day.

#Day 1 of art class

So welcoming my dear children in the first day of class. We all are know that the first day is the most important day for learning anything. Because the 1 day is the beginning of the art & drawing classes.

What to do on the #day 1 of kids…….

So kids before starting the drawing we are need some materials

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Art book

Let’s now my dear child you will start learn from the How to draw line……….

Kids, Firstly you will draw a sleeping line forward to backward side like on this image……

secondly you will draw standing line from upward to downward like on this image………

Thirdly, you can draw slanting line very smoothly like on this image…… Similarly we are drawn up to downward…….

Finally , I will learn the last type of crossing line . Draw line like on this image……..

Besides that we are draw all line step by step together. Like on this image……

How many times you have practice….?????

If you can practice minimum 100 times of each line , then you will be make a good lining makers in the drawing art. And maximum is no limit of practice the lining .

Conclusion of art class of day 1………..

So kid’s today’s now is finished the art class . I hope you can understand the method of doing art. If like and helpful of this tutorial, so please tell me know how to feel the first class of my this blog. Not only this,,, if you want to ask any questions to me. so you have asked without any doubt and tell me would you like to learn is my next post and check out my all posts….

so finally you will practice today & i will come back tomorrow with my next blog. Wait my next class ………….. I will try to my best for you ………..

We all are know that at the time you will can not go outside to learn any things. And if you want Lear online then we will need best internet speed and data . But the blog post is easily understood in slow and few data .

Saty home, be safe