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kids room wall art

kids room wall art

Hello everyone , how are you all , i hope you all are good at your home. Today i am going to learn kids room wall art in lockdown open at your home. So friends, We all are know that kid’s are love creativity or imagination. Like cartoon characters, animation, or Princess , Rapunzel story, etc …… Let’s today i will Share some ideas with you and you have decorat your kids wall. In this blog i am going to post few easy steps to decorate your kids wall art at home very beautifully. We all are know you have not found all material of decoration at your home and all shopes are not open. So friends now, toady i will try to use home made or daily use materials ………….

12 ideas for kids room wall art !!!!!!!!!…….

Firstly i will tell about the material, how to arrange? On this time. We all know that without paint can not decoration your room wall. But not a complesory we have use paint. You know we are designed with use of some papers , Fevicol, colours and as your choice i have use paint.

1. Disney wall art

so friends , therefore i will started from new born baby girl or boy both of us. The best & Very beautiful Disney wall art. This wall art you can make it very easy diy with use of paint colour or colour paper. Let’s do like this……….


  • sccioser
  • Black colour paper or black colour paint (as your choice, what is the best for your or according to your budget)
  • Fevicol ( if you choose paper art then you need Fevicol for pasting )
  • Pencil
  • Erase

How to design wall art use of paper or paint as your wish……….

Step 1:- In the first step I will drawn a design, who can you create on wall. Like on this image………

Step 2:- In the second step is select the types of art. Meaning in this step i will choose between paper art or colour art. So friends first i will choose paper art………

Because the paper crafts art is good and nice ideas you can make only cutting and pasting.

step 3:- In this step you will start draw on wall and decorate your kids room look at this super art.

Step 4:- after drawn by we take black paper and cut a small samall size of micky face like on this image……….. Approximate we need nearby 35 to 40 face. like on this image

step 5:- In the other word , 5step is to paste all micky face on the wall like on this image….. friends remember that when you paste it near on pencil shades.

Step 6:- finally you wall is almost decorate, do last this step last is take a red paper and cut a bow. Draw a beautiful red bow of micky face or paste it on the top of face.

besides you can look at on your kids room wall. And definitely that is to say something about the wall is like wow… Amazing wall art……..

Conclusion:- if you want this wall art you design with the help of paint colour. Friends paint art or paper art is looking both of same on you wala. The paper art is make easyly and no costly. Similarly paint art is easily but this costly….

How to design your kids wall art related to environment……

2. Tree wall art

Seem like this wall art is you can make at home with use of paper only…

What to do you for creating this art on wall????????

  • Take a chart paper colour of paper is light green or black…..
  • First i will draw cut the tree from use of black chart paper lin on this image.
  • After cute the tree we have pasted on Wall look carefully on this image.
  • Another now you can cut leaf of tree use of light green paper and paste it one by one on the wall.
  • thirdly we are need some black bird, Then i will cut & put on wall like on this image….
  • So friends when i will pasty birds then you will be need birds house . Like on this image…
  • So finally, you can make like this , definitely we are decorate your wall in many different way and desing”…

Conclusion:- we all are know a good environment is best for you child . If you are designed create on your kids room wall so trust me you kid’s love to nature. Beauty of nature feel is very closely like birds or greeny grass……..

How to decorate baby girl kids room wall art…… ideas……

3. butterfly wall art

4. Angle wall art

5.The jungle wall art
If your baby is much love to animals. so best best idea of room wall decoration .you can create like a jungle. all animals came and paste on our wall.

Educational wall art ideas………….

6. Science wall art
An educational wall art ideas is good for baby this art is inspired to learning things. This art is related to science or our planets.

7. Puzzles wall art
If you are make your baby is tricky mind so so let’s create on wall puzzle designs and spent time to solve the the puzzle.

8. height measurement wall art
This art is ready to measurement of height of growth of your baby at home.

Funny room wall art ideas…….

9. lazy sleepy panda wall art
Look at this image a funny lazy sleepy panda move tree to tree. Try this art on your full room wall.

10. funny piglet Pooh art
This wall art is shown a funny friendship of piglet or pooh…….

11. funny fun painting of wall art
This flower art ideas anybody can make diy ,use of some materials……

12. funny animal wall art