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jennifer lopez style, hello everyone how are you all ? I hope you all are well at your home. Today I am very happy “because” this is blog for very talented or stunning beautifully Hollywood star. Not only celebrity , a dance, actress, singer, dance, fashion designer, producer and a business woman. You know that the nickname is( J.L.o) full name is Jennifer Lynn Loper. We all are know that J.L.o from American, she was born on (July 24, 1969) in Bronx, New York City. In the American she is call fly girl dancer on in color. Similarly in the fashion industry of Hollywood’s she is hottest styling way of this actress. I have a best pic of ..jennifer lopez… Look at this image…….

start from hair style of jennifer lopez…………

Lopez hair style or dress-up is very outstanding. Seriously Great long hair of this multi-talented star. Firstly i will start from middle – parted style with open hair. In other words , highlighted waves of strectch past her on shoulder. That is to say the waist – length of hair is superb being loving on Loper…… That’s look has made unique to Lynn or a pleasing beauty icon star. I have look most of image of very highly styling way of hair style. I will share to you, look at on below……….

Iconic Beauty of Lopez……………… How that instantly!!!! ……..!!!!!!

If anybody , when we talk about the Hollywood stars. Who can get better or wonderful with age? So friends , Jennifer Lopez is one of the first that came to in my mind. Today’s we all are talk about the beauty or fashion etc …. Of “Lopez” but most few people are know that success of “Lopes”. You know she want on to star in the selena biopic in 1997 . No, this is not a ending of success of Lopes , truly that is a starting of wonderful lifestyle of iconic star beauty.

Remember that on this pic lipstick shade is red or bold pink is very shine look to Lopez……… The most suprisingly part is tha, today Lopes is a great producer of make-up like lipstick shades . ( JENNIFER LOPEZ INGLDT)

Memorial dress of jennifer lopez life-styling

Secondly, I will start from 1999 Jlo is broke into the music industry with the 6, album , that gave us like “If you had my love”, or waiting for tonight.……etc ….. But if you are talk us about the fashion or glamour , so Jlo worn by fantastic dress. Because Jennifer is a fashion designer. She was a knowledgeable designer and best way of outfit styling.

as an illustration of dresses is heart breaker. especially for men, Jlo in this colourful gown on knee is beautiful. lik a Barbie doll………… The dress colour is red and simmer work on the gown. Highlights the Jlo fashion on stage with high top bon of hair…….

On this look is very simple but hot look . All back is trendy fashion all are preferred this look . But anybody can not look like that Jennifer Lynn. Hot summer is coming & Lynn glamours is come . Black uper , Black velly , or black stylish handbag is top up to fashionable queen.

High heel shoes give a high rate to Jlo fashion. Jennifer wear denim jeans. Defective design on denim jeans pair-up with designer white top. Full sleeve or light transparent fabric. Outstanding makeup beautiful earring with high pony hairstyle.

How to draw sketching of jennifer…….. Step by step…………….

After discuss the style of Jennifer. now, I will going to learn Jennifer sketch step by step look at carefully and understand it how to draw……….

I will start from basic sketch line or feature. Remember that a best sketching is then if you are sketch up very clean much.

Step 1:- firstly , we have need some Material like, pencil paper, black marker etc……….like eraser, so before starting the skechtin you have arrange the all material. when you will need…………

Step 2:- secondly , I will start to draw the sketching of lopez face. Start from draw the oval and make the eyes,nose, or Lips point look at above image…….

Step 3:- Thirdly , you will find & stat draw Lynn neck line . Like on this image………

Step 4:- seem like in fouth step, you will try to make eye. , move on dawn to draw a shape of nose line….. Don’t worry shades up around the face …… Look at this image………

Step 5:- Whenever you can draw lips ….. like on this image………

step 6:- so friends, when We are draw anything ,be careful and draw the eye brows. Start by drawing the eye usevof 2H pencil. Shape the beautiful eyes slowly slowly .

Step 7:- finally , I will draw a shine long hair of Lopez. Link on this image…..

Step 8:- at the last you will draw Jennifer dress . Seem like jennifer lopez sketching art is ready to see .

styling journey of Jlo fashion……..??????

Today we are start from a American star jennifer lopez as style evolution from jenny to Jlo…….

In the 1998 , she was nominated empire awards for best actress. In 2001, she won an MTV Europen music best female. The first annual laitna Grammy awards. As in 2002 ALMA awards Jlo for “love don’t cost a thing”. 2011 ARIA music awards goes for jennifer lopez. Therefore in 2012 she was nominated for Billboard Latin music awards. Similarly in 2019 goes towards of Jlo for iHeartRadio MMVAs. At the end in 2020 jennifer lopez for Latino Entertainment Film Awards. The brilliant Star of America is Jennifer Lynn lopez.


I hope you all are understand my point of view. I know that, when We are talking about a big star . We are talking about life , style , fashion , or way to talking , what to do and how to do. I will be try to make this post like this. If I have a any mistakes or any thing, heart to other so please sorry for this. On this blog for sharing my view to you . And if you like most of my blog please commenting and share with me. What part of you love in this blog.