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paper crafts flowers

paper crafts flowers way

Hello everyone , how are you all? I hope you all are well at your home. Today i am going to learn how to make paper crafts flowers way. This time is learning time. I hope you are want to learn anything on this time. So Today we will lern paper flower many different types or way. Crafting is moneyless activities or anybody can easily learn it. After learning diy flowers step by step. You have decorate your home, wall , or handmade photos frames easily you make it. Firstly I will make flower and last how to decorate many things. So let’s do it, read carey on below this post.


  • Fevicol
  • News paper
  • Any colour of paper
  • Any waste materials
  • Scissor

Different types of paper crafts flowers…..,..!!!!!!!

In other words, craft is very easy to diy at home . In this time all india is Stay home or Quarantine. Some people try to different – different things try to do. Like cooking, dancing, workout and re-use of waste materials etc.

1. circle rose flower

Step 1:- firstly you need any colour of paper. If You have not a paper. We can take a news or waste paper. Link on this image……..

Step 2:- In this step , Today was cut a circle from a piece of paper. If the circle does not have to be perfectly round & round. Then the shapes of flowers is not good. And remember that circle draw like sprial. Like on this image………!!!!!

Step 3:– In the third step, I will Cut a spiral when the around of the circle at the starting. Link on this image…………

Step 4:- similarly in this step, you have start rolling up the sprial from the outside all the way to center. Friends, remember that keep it rolling up tightly .

Step 5:- finally , at the end paste it & rolling till the ending point. this step is last step. Link on this image……….

#conclusion of circle Rose flower:- now that, after this tutorial way of flowers making you can easily make circle rose flower . Many types of shape or Designs of circle Rose flower. Like zigzag, cloudy, triangle or Lin break shape etc. If you think you can not do the craft, so read above this bolg post you have definitely learn more design.

2. Petals rose flower

how to make petals flowers? I will try to make diy petals paper flowers. On the above part of this blog post, we have explained circle Rose flower. Another now this 2 part I will explain. I hope you all are well understand of crafting way……..

Step 1:- first you are take it a piece of paper & cut a squre 10 cm by 10 cm…

Step 2:- secondly , we have fold the square, like a triangle shape. After this fold you are fold again 2 time’s of paper piece.

Step 3:- Thirdly , we are give a shape of flowers petals , after fold it. And cut it ………………………!!!!!!!!! Finally I have make it flower and Similarly , you are make number of 4 flowers.

Step 4:- fourth step is the most important part of this method of petals paper flower. In this step you have cut the petal from each flower.

Step 5:- how to cut petal from the each flower. Like take first flower & cut only one petal from the one flower. After that you are take second flower & cut two petals .

Seem like that, I wil do all flower and besides increase the number of petals. like on this image………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 6:- finally , I will paste all petals & make the petals paper flower.

How to make tissue paper crafts paper flowers

we all are know that tissue paper, we have use it or through into the dustbin. But you know, Today I am going to share a beautiful Idea to all of you. This types of flowers you can make very fast in few minutes. Let’s do it friends look at carefully……….

But, we are need some Material :- tissue paper or kite paper and only Fevicol , scissor……………….

  • In this flower making method, first you take tissue paper.
  • fold it the tissue paper like fold up and fold down do it.
  • Cut ot on the top as you give a attractive shape of flowers.
  • Pin up on the middle of flowers.
  • Afte pin up and cut it you can opne the flower.

3. Re- use of news paper for flowers making……..!!!!!!!!

Newspaper is a good morning of all of you. In my house without newspaper house is empty…………….!!!! what say yes or no…..? I am right guys, so Today learn how create new design with use of newspaper or waste materials. Like rose, louts, etc……………
  • take a old newspaper and cut many petals of flowers same size.
  • After cut the petals we are curly the all petal of flowers.
  • Then now , start to make flower
  • Paste all petals one by one and make a beautiful rose….,,,,,,,

other things what are your made from news paper?

  • Wall hanging
  • Butterfly
  • Photo frame
  • Flower pot
  • Birthday card
  • Decoration craft etc etc………….

4.cone paper flower………….

  1. square size paper or a one piece of circle.
  2. Prepare of corne use of suqure piece of paper.
  3. we need more and more corne for make this type of flowers.
  4. And at the last I can paste it corne on circle.
  5. now reday your flowers. And last I say something. If you are choose many different different colours. Definitely look a very colourful or bright classy flowers. Like on this image…………..

sunflower crafts paper flower………..

summer is coming with sunflower, this flower is very shine colour feel natural beauty of this flower. Today we are made this flower at home to decorate your room.

This sunflower you can easily make like all crafts paper flowers…………

I hope you all are enjoying with this bolg. Today this post especially for you,,, if You are want to craft etc. You are can not idea, what you are learn Today? So friends you are like this post please comment and share your ideas with me related to craft. And please say me what to write in my next post by comments