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utsav jewellery

utsav jewellery collection

Hello Dear world, how are you all , I hope you all are well at your home. So,Today in my blog post is about utsav jewellery collection for occasion. We all are known that jewelry is a part of fashion. If you we very stylish outfit ,but can not wear any accessories. That your stylish outfit is meanless ,Because jewelry is good wish for Women adorable. There are many different types of jewelry like……………….. maangtika, Jhoomar, necklace , nath, earrings, kamarband,………………..etc. The fashion of accessories is Traditionally pass on generation to generation, newly creative, designs of jewelry. Most in india womens are love to ornaments. They are worn on precious day like…, festival, any occasion or in daily use.

Fashion of utsav jewellery


Maangtika is worn on the middle part of head. Friends you that? Indian brides fill in the middle partly of the hair. We call it maang from red sindur for husband long live . And maangtika like a crown when women are wearing this . Seem like amazing look a beautiful bride at the wedding.


Besides, jhoomar is a side maangtika, the mughal or musalim women are worn the jhoomar. Like eid …. we all are known that this fastival is muslim women are buy jhoomar to wear. almost every kind bride favourite while on their wedding jewelry.


If you worn a beautiful dresses or going to any party. the first accessories we think in my mind is earrings. You all are know earning are made in many different designs. Firstly Jhumkas, is the gorgeous antique style.

Secondly, long hanging earrings and this types of earrings is look different. If you want to look stunning, I will try to add ear chain with stylish jhumka. Like on this image

These are Traditionally indian earrings, internally created or decorative with stone or gems. So friends wear all types of earrings. My favourite accessories is earning . I hope you have a big collection of earrings.


necklaces is a best part of jewelry. To be honest we all are not the biggest experience in understanding, what the best necklace design?

But Today ,I well try to show ,how to choose the best necklace design. because without necklace, your neck is empty & feel ugly.

Types of necklace

choker is a trandi fashion of all accesories. We are worn tightly around neck. Therefore I will recommended to, whose neck is long.

pendant set of necklace is very comfortable to wear it. A pendant is a long necklace chain.

collar necklace is cover the whole of thr chest area for his indian bride women.

How many types of (5.nath)

nath is wear in the nose. Mostly Indian women nath are worn left side of nostril. similarly, different City is a different way of worn nath.

Types of nath utsav jewellery

  • punjabi worn shikarpuri
  • Rajasthan or Gujarat worn nathni
  • Mahatashtrians worn gurchhedar
  • Kerala and Karnataka worn mukkhutti, the nath sahpe of a louts or swan.


seems like in this phase, I will talk about the ornamental of ring. Ring like is a round small band according to your size. Usually Ring is worn at your fingers. People are say that, our middle finger is attached to heart.

Designs of rings

Further more design of rings, friends you all are know jewelry made by many material. Like gold , silver, glass , diamonds ,or metalic form…..

May be if you love most of diamonds accessories. Try this diamond block long ring. but if you love most gold accesories try this one beautiful handcrafted gold ring. Similarly, flower Dimando rings . You can think for gift this rings for special one.


payal is a traditional fashion or a pleasing ornament jewelry. We are worn payal in your ankle. Payal are made by silver, gold ,or metalic . But most women worn Payal of silver. Because gold is not good if worn in your ankle. The sound of payal is very sweet like ….. Chhan chhan…..

I will you remember that in our hindu religion . If born a new baby girl in the family. Then we are gift the payal of baby girl.


Mangalsutra is a great sing of bride women jewelry. Meaning of a Mangalsutra is mangal menas holy and sutra means threads. Made by black bead and gold pendant only indian bride are women are wearing. Mangalsutra is worn by husband to your wife on wedding time. This is the simbol of long life of husband. Besides this jewelry can not wear after death of husband a indian bride women.

Top best jewelry designer

1.Farha khan Ali is one of the most successful and popular jewelry designer in Indian

2. Suhani pittie established her own training institute at the tender age of twenty.

3. Asha kamal modi one of the best recognised Jewelry designer in India. 10 famous bollywood movie jewelry design by asha kamal modi of art karat group. Like devdas, monsoon wedding, or kamasutra etc…

4. Varuna D jani is the best jewelry designer. Because she is started her signature label Varuna D jani in 2006 and therefore launched her first flagship store in 2008.

Utsav jewellery online shopping

So friends I hope you’re understand the design of utsav jewellery. If you have buy this types of accessories in lockdown. So you can easily buy ,through online ………


ustav jewelers store in place

so friends, i will talk about the best jewelers in different places. Bangaluru, Karnataka, new Delhi, and new mumbai. You will purchased the jewelry designs in this places.

Temple jewelry………

we all are know that, the temple jewelry is traditionally crafted by gold. But today time, the trend of metal and polished with gold making, it highly affordable.

While, most popular pendant design in that of lord ganesh or lord laxmi ji. This type of jewelry is more demanding by women. Evem more it has its origins in South India


we are indians, wear of jewelry in india 5000 year ago (Mahabharat & Ramayan). The new ideas or fashion of jewelry is creative fusion between western and indian fashion.

if you know that of this, jewelry are also goes a word called stri dhan. Meaning a woman wealth or love.

Hope this post was helpful for you. please definitely let me if you have any question. Besides,that What would you like learn more in my next post and check out my blog notification.