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how to make patiala salwar
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how to make patiala salwar

Hello everyone, i hope you all are doing well at your home in during lockdown. Today’s in my blog post is how to make patiala salwar at home in lockdown. Let’s now i will explain step by step cutting and stitching of patiala salwar.

Material :- 3/¹/²mtr..fabric, matching threads,

Size :-

  • length – 37 (37- 5)= 32……….
  • Hip – 36
  • Ankle – 12

how to make patiala salwar step by step!

Step 1:- firstly i will 4folded of fabric, like a rectangular shape. And draw a mark 32 inch………… & Cut it for part of salwar.

Step:- 2 after draw and cut the mark . We will draw the mark of kalii. So, 2 fold of fabric like a square………. And draw makr 32 inch both of corner Like on this image.

Step:- 3 Into the 3 step, I will go to first step and open 2fold &draw the mark for ankle dimension 12 inch on top to bottom. Like on this image………

Step:- 4 similarly, into the 4step i will cut the waist band. Like on this image………….. Length of waist band is 42inch or wide 8inch.

And finally you will cute the patiala salwar. remember that the ankle of patiala diameter is short. The best diameter is for patiyala salwar is 6inch ,means total is 12inch……

Step:- 5 another side , you will start stitching into the 5step of joint the 4 Kali in 2 – 2 part front or back. Like on this image..

Step:- 6 that step is stitches the waist band like on this image……. And on the top 1.5 inch folde & stitch it

Step :- 7 In the 7step is important step because you have stitches gathering. like on this image…..

Step:- 8 at the last step is designed & stitch your ankle like on this image…… And finally stitch your patiala salwar.

Conclusion:- I hope you almost understand the method of how to make patiala salwar. Please let me know if you have any questions and what would you like to learn is my next post and check out my next post….

If you want understand very deeply please watch this video carefully & try to make like this…..