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simple embroidery stitches

simple embroidery stitches by hand

Hello everyone, I hope you all are well at your home. Today’s in bolg post for embroidery lover . I am going to learn how to a simple embroidery stitches by hand at your home in during lockdown. Embroidery is a beautiful stitches on fabric with the use of embroidery thread and create a new design of embroidery by hand or by machine.

What is a simple embroidery stitches by hand

So friends a simple Embroidery we can be done by hand use of needle and thread to make attractive design. We all are know that embroidery stitching is a traditional fashion. That is closely related to the culture, historical, and most of time embroidery give a meaningful message on clothes.

Material used for stitch of hand embroidery…………..

Steps 1:- what you all need to start of embodiment stitching.

  • embroidery hoop
  • Small, sharp scissor
  • embroidery floss
  • embroidery needle
  • Water soluble maker / you can use pencil

How many types of Embroidery stitch

Step 2: firstly, you can select the types or method of Embroidery . Then after you are create a embellishment on fabric.

  1. Running stitch
  2. Stem stitch
  3. Chain stitch
  4. French knots
  5. Back stitch
  6. Fly stitch
  7. Split stitch
  8. Satin stitch

Step 3:- the purpose of Embroidery is the bright, vibrant and often colourful art. So , Into the 3 step I will choose best colour combination of threads. That is a very important step because the wrong colour choose of threads to stitched of Embroidery is not look good.

Step 4:- lets , start to stitch of embroidery by hand in 4 step. Look carefully this video’s and images……………,

  1. #Running stitch

2. Method of #Stem stitch, #stain stitch, #french knot stitch #chain stitch

3. #Leaf embroidery

. 4. # flower stitch handmade embroidery

Conclusion:- so I hope you all are understand the method of how to a simple embroidery stitches by hand . Similarly you can try like this & dressing or given a new look your old saree, duptta suit, anything you can make embroidery. If You like my blog post please comment by commenting , & remember that if you are first time come in my blog post please allow notification.