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how to make diy card

how to make diy card

Hello everyone, welcome to all of you Today in my blog post. how to make diy card .Well, we all are know that Two days are very important & special day in our Life. First is our Birth is know as birthday day & second is #Mother’s Day. So Today I am going to make a card with the help of this video and use of this Methods . We all world are celebrated this day in many different way. But without card this day the celebration is meanless . Let make a beautiful card……………..!!!!!

how to make diy card in different way

#Mother’s day card.

how to make dIY card

Materials:- white paper, golden sparkle sheet/any colour, Fevicol, black marker, tissue paper, handmade flower, red crayon colour.

Step 1:- firstly you can fold A4 white sheet and draw a circle. Remember that when you are cut the small circle, one side of circles is not cut. like on this image

Step 2:- Therefore after cut the small circle circle on white paper. you will cut & paste the 2 big circle of golden sparkle sheet. Like on this image…………..

Step 3:- Into the 3step you will draw sketching of girl & outline the black marker on white circle. Black Colour on the hair &red colour on lips. Like on this image………..

Step 4:- at the end and most beautiful part is decoration of card use of handmade flower. like on this image……..

So friends if yo think you are not crafty ? Don’t fear, please try to make this type of card . I have say that you can definitely make a beautiful card for your mom. I hope you all are understand this method of diy making card at your home. If you want to know very deeply how to make diy card making . Please watch & like this you tube video …………………………………… remember that subscribe the my your tube channel.

#Birthday diy card

Materials :- sketch colour, all colours of paper, golsparkle any colour sparkle sheet, Fevicol, black marker, tissue paper, newspaper, any waste materials, and water colour.

This type of Birthday card are making very easily. Use of white paper, and fold it. Writer the birthday wishes on #birthday card very beautifully.

Conclusion:- I hope you all are understand my point of view all though not much has been told in this blog post how to make diy card. Also share, still a little idea can be found by reading & watch this video or article to make this beautiful card. So friends if you are visit to first time my bolg post please don’t miss the allow our blog & definitely comment by commenting.

Thanks you & Take care all of you, Stay home.