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black fashion

black fashion

Hello friends, how are you all ! I hope you all are well at your home in #lockdown2020 . Today’s in this my post feel to benoor black fashion. You know all, Black colour is a symbol of darkness. but in the fashion industry black colour is shiny & classy. That is a more demandable colour, in both men & women dresses. So friends let’s, Today feel black & think to wear in different ways.

But in india old ”wives”tale claims that if a bride women worn the black colour, she a come back to hurt the family.Black colour is comman colour easily found in market and more demanding colour in the fashion industry.

Why choose black fashion ?

The best thing of this colour we are pair – up with any colour of combination. Similarly, all colours of fashion is attractive look & more fashionble. But The Little pink Dress is not famous. “purple tie” is not a recognized dress code. Only black will ever be the new fashion of black………………….!

Combination with black

some people buy black colour only, because this colour are match all the colour and neither does it get messy soon. but on the black colour white whites look fast.

black colour for men makes every thing more elegant or classy. black pant wear with any colour of Shirt & T-shirt.

Black style with saree blouse & colourful duppta

some girls wear mostly colourful duptta and the simple saree blouses. So girls, pair-up simple saree of any colour or duptta with bold black . Feel unique with black and create new look. Like this ……..””””””””……….

1.Black with yellow:- Black’s attract on the eye gives it an irresistible visual appeal. This combination of simple yellow collor blouse with plain banarsi saree .
2. Yet we all are known that black has remarkable tends, not only today from to beginning of black history. Look at on this image very classy look of simple black frock suit with yellow banarsi duptta.
4. Most of colourfull duptta paired with black palin suit. See on this image……………..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, like white cotton duppta white black suit, blue banarsi, more and more. Few popular handwoven duppta like red duptta look at on this image, which every women should have in the wardrobe. Neon green hand embroidery chanderi silk duppta paired with black.

Stunning black fashion for men

We all are know that men do not think a lot of fashion like women. When it comes to styling , women are very detail about fashion or colour combination. The Same quality is see in many men is too. We all know that black is most popular colour, when it comes to fashion of men. Whi Make amazing , smart and styling of men…………! For example…………..

1.Red with black:- Red is a very bright and bold colour. Black is a very dark colour. if you are paired red and black combination in return gives you bright and fresh styles. Like on this image……………

2.Green with black:- Green is a very nice & cool colour. This colour is give from nature, which look amazing & stunning in all seasons. you can make combination of black with all shades of green look nice……………….! For example………

3.Pink with black:- Pink is a only girly colour, there no need to trust it and stop saying. Pink is such a beautiful colours believe me. whenever you have try pink and black combination in this summer look stunning man.

4. Yellow with black:- Yellow is a very bright colours and that you have look stunning stylish men . you can highlight the personality if you have worn with black. Becausa black is highlighted on all shades of yellow colour. My favourite combination is black with m mustard colour…………..! For example…………

5.white with black:- white is a very simple and cool fashion of colour. White is one of the best colour to go for hot summer day. every men should have in mind and in wardrobe on two color black and white. It is very classy & traditional fashion of men. This style of colours combination is trendy. And anybody can not change it. Specially in sunny day.

All black is trend fashion !

Black can not be ignored , no other colours is not can off the fashion. Because All black is best and trendy fashion not in casual, In bollywood actress and actors is love more wear to black. Also hollywood industry is always fast in fashion of all black. allmost fashion of black is highlighted in bollywood , Street fashion, officially, and not in fashion industry we all are see at your home. Feel the fashion ,. Feel the black & Feel Black benoor.

Tips :- hence, we all are Be carefully. If you think buy black colour dresses or clothing best quality of black. The esay to see when a piece of black clothing is low quality. Because after a few washes your black fabric or clothes is faded. As a result when you think buy black, quality is more important.