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easy diy paper flower

Hello friends, Today’s in this post how to make esay diy paper flower. I will explain how to make paper’ flowers step by step. Look at this post very carefully. I know you all are stay at home in lockdown with kids and have nothing to do. friends do not hopeless in lockdown………….!

So first all, you can busy your child in fun or paper activities. Because children’s are enjoying with paper, colours,etc. Let’s do it ,kids create a new things with paper and glue.

Many people can also make this types of paper flower. But I try to enjoy with your kids and learn to make many types of diy flowers.

Therefore, you need some Material
1. Scissor

How to make easy diy paper flowers step by step…….!

Step 1:- kids step 1 you choose any colour of paper & start 4 folded of paper. like on this image………….! And cut a paper like a square shape piece.

Step 2:- after, cut a square size paper piece, you are fold diagonally in half like a triangle shape. Secondly seem like this fold the resulting triangle in half to make a smaller triangle.and 3 time you fold half one more in the middle to come up with an even smaller triangle. Look at on this image…………!

Step 3:- Besides, kids take it in turn, the triangle, and draw & cut above the horizontal straight edge.

At the end, kids you draw an arc strating from the top corner of triangle vertical side and ending about ¹/²- inch from the bottom of the opposite side. This arc represent the shape of the paper’ flowers petals. And cut the along arc.